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Circa 1920, Dr Horatio Bates perfected a system for correcting eyesight without the aid of glasses. His techniques are highly sought after. Here is the original system, now: SniperSight®.

No Contacts

       No Surgery


For all those people who wish to no loner use corrective lenses.  Whether you have just recently started or worn glasses for years —changing them every few years for stronger lenses,  SniperSight is for you.


Nearly ninety percent of people over the age of forty-five use glasses, contacts, or other corrective measures, either all the time or for reading.   And for all the children who are fitted for glasses between the ages of seven to fifteen?  SniperSight may be for you, too.  Great sight without glasses!


If you can no longer read print at fourteen to sixteen inches from your eyes (the optimal distance) or comfortably read numbers or text on your phone, and you're in your forties or fifties (or younger and you're starting to strain) this is a warning sign. You need intelligent attention.  SniperSight may be for you.


The SniperSight app is for all eye disorders for which glasses are fitted, all refractory troubles.  And, for that large fortunate group of people who have good or fair eyesight and wish to keep it or, improve it, this, "The Bates Method" is for you.


SniperSight is not for people whose sight is defective because of organic disturbances, degeneration of the retina or of the optic nerve or visual centers in the brain—all such cases belong to an eye physician,


…this app could genuinely be a godsend. 
Worth every penny! EasyAppFinder gives it two thumbs up!  
Brian Withycombe CEO

“Our Final Take: 4.5 / 5 - Excellent We Liked: UI, simple to use, concept
What are you waiting for? Download SniperSight to ensure better eye health and prevent any other eye disorders. I strongly recommend you to use this app for a strong, relaxed eyes.”

The fact that it is able to cover practically the most common eye disorders that affect people makes it a must-have…
…the information that can be gleaned from this app comes directly from eye experts who really know how to treat eye disorders without the help of glasses. And these are the very aspects that make SniperSight highly original.

SniperSight for iOS – Heal Your Eyesight With This Brilliant App




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The educational materials and information offered here and in the  SniperSight® app are only intended for practical application by physicians and members of other recognized healing professions. It may also have value to those engaged in research or education in the field and other related topics. All of our educational materials and products are provided for information purposes only, and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken, based solely upon the contents of our educational materials and products. Instead, those who believe that they are suffering from a serious illness should consult an appropriate health professional of their choice for proper diagnosis and treatment on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information and opinions provided are believed to be accurate and sound, based upon Circa 1920 Dr Horatio Bates scientific research, and any persons who fail to consult with the appropriate health authorities must fully assume the risk of any injuries.
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